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Key Solution Locksmiths is owned and operated by one of Sydney’s most experienced and reliable locksmiths. This licensed Maroubra locksmith caters to the Eastern Suburbs and the wider Sydney area. We offer a broad range of home, office and auto lockout services. This includes catering to all 24 hour emergency locksmith needs. ​

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With our fully equipped mobile locksmith workshop we can offer a broad range of services including:​

We work with most types of vehicles and provide auto locksmith services 24/7. Our mobile van is equipped with the latest technology and tools to cut and program most smart keys. Most of our customers are amazed at the cost savings when compared to car dealerships. Before you send your car to the mechanic or auto dealer, give us a call and ask for a free quote to compare.

We are experts at all types of automotive locksmith needs. This includes car lockouts, smart key cut and program and all types of auto locksmithing. When it comes to a new car key (particularly a smart key), it’s worth requesting a quote from your local auto locksmith as you’ll often get big cost savings when
compared to key replacement from car dealerships.

We offer a 24 hour locksmith service for all emergencies. Whether you’re locked out of your home, office or car, we’re here to help you get back in. (Even if it’s 40 degrees outside we’ll be there to get you back in as quickly as possible)!

It’s rare that you need a locksmith at a time that is convenient for you! That’s why we are available at any time of the day or night. An emergency is just that and we aim to get you back on track fast. If you’re in the position where you need our emergency services, just give us a call at any time on 9344 9628.

Our average response time is 30 minutes or less. As we are Eastern Suburbs based, we can be in most places in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Sydney CBD within that time frame.

Sometimes it’s not just a broken lock you have to contend with, your door itself also needs repair or maintenance. A licensed and experienced locksmith such as Key Solution Locksmiths can provide repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial property doors after a break in or other unfortunate event.

For the most reliable and secure key replacements, duplicates or master key systems, contact Key Solution Locksmiths. If you’re after better commercial lock protection, we recommend a master key system. One master key is able to open all doors while each lock is keyed differently (although it is possible for certain keys to open multiple doors). Ask for a quote for our master key service for your home and/or office.

Electronic access systems enhance the security of areas in a residential or commercial property, building, filing system, data or other assets. Because the system is automated, it provides 24/7 protection as well as 24 hour access. When you need to offer limited access, an access control system is worth considering. This is the best way to allow entry to authorised personnel only so it is very useful in corporate or commercial properties. Key Solution Locksmiths are experts at all kinds of electronic access systems. Get in touch to discuss your unique situation.

A door lock can need repair or replacement after a botched DIY job or an unfortunate break in. Key Solution Locksmiths takes care of all door lock problems with professional lock picking tools (oten called a rake, tension wrench, a half diamond or a hook). Unless the barrel, lock or key is beyond repair, we can often provide a fix before a complete rekeying is required.

Many lockouts can be easily sorted by having a spare key handy. We recommend asking your technician to cut a spare for you when getting you back in to reduce the chance of this happening again.

Key Solution Locksmiths is owned and operated by a licensed and insured Master locksmith with more than 25 years’ experience.

Read some of the glowing reviews for this 24 hour Maroubra locksmith. You can also check out our Facebook reviews here. For further information on any of the services we provide, please refer to our ‘ Services ‘ page Get in touch with us today to book in your job or for an obligation free quote.

As one of the best Eastern Suburbs emergency locksmith services, we are adept and experienced with all kinds of locks, barrels, keys and security problems. Our 24 hour locksmiths arrive in a mobile van fitted with keypad programming equipment.

Key Solution Locksmiths work with builders and construction companies installing the locks and locking systems required in new or renovated properties. We don’t just deal with locksmith emergencies. Our services include corporate locks and security, real estate and property lock and alarm maintenance and installation.

For any locksmith service that requires experience, expertise and a qualified locksmith, call us for a free quote.

Key Solution Locksmiths

Eastern Suburbs


Residential Locksmith

Services include: rekeying locks, installation of smart locks and electronic access, reprogramming and recoding security systems and all lock and key services required for home and apartment dwellers. Cost effective security tips for home safety.

Commercial Locksmith

We provide expert advice for the best locks for commercial premises, rekeying and programming all smart, digital and traditional locking systems. We work with offices, shops, restaurants, all types of business premises including building locking systems.

Industrial Locksmith

Schools, hospitals, warehouses and factories all have their own locking and security needs. Our services ensure your property is secured and safe for tenants, visitors and owners.

Automotive Locksmith

Our auto services include car lockouts, emergency services, keys lost or broken, reprogram and recode smart locking systems, fobs, batteries and all services for vehicle locksmith needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ​

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